Heroes for Hire

Dread of the Umbercult (Part 1 of 2)

Game Session #1

Introduction —

The Adventurer’s Guild in the Great City of Urbecaelum has hired the party to report to Gwynden Village on the outskirts of the Vexparyn Forest which surrounds the Trollspire Peaks. They are to investigate claims of strange events surrounding a mysterious cult that has moved to occupy a nearby series of caverns. Locals report missing denizens, destroyed crops, damaged property, and frequent earthquakes.

An earlier envoy of investigators were killed after being sent to the location to determine the source of the reports – of the three investigators, only one was recovered. Her dead corpse was located in a destroyed farm field; crushed into a bloody sphere of bone and flesh.

The Council of Watchers suspects the cult is utilizing some sort of powerful artifact in their secret rituals and has offered a bounty of 7 Praemium (each) for the recovery of any such magic, and the Adventurers Guild is offering a reward of 3,000 gp (each) if the nefarious plans of the cult (whatever they may be) can be thwarted.

The Council has readied a teleportation circle to the village and awaits the adventurers to report to the Grand Hall to depart on their quest.


Important Notes -

Start Time: Day 1, 10:00 AM
End Date/Time: Day 2, 7:00 AM


NPC's Met:

Po Snyder – Eldest son of the slaughtered Snyder family. The Snyder Farm, and the nine family members within the farmhouse were destroyed by the Umber Cult in retaliation for Po's assault on them at the tower ruins near the Trollspire Peaks. They used a mysterious magic that "crushed" a 600 ft. circle centered on the farmhouse. Po Snyder was forced to watch, but left otherwise unharmed to tell the tale as a warning to other villagers in Gwynden. The mayor exiled him from town for "instigating" more violence from the cult, and he has been living at the covered bridge that crosses the Clardine River near his family's destroyed homestead.



Awards for Game Session #1 —

Umber Cultist x 7 (CR 4) = 200 xp each
Umber Cultist Beastmistress (CR 5) =  265 xp Each
Bulette (CR 7) = 535 xp each
Rockfall Trap (CR 4) = 200 xp each
Flesh to Stone Sigil Trap (CR 7) = 535 xp each

Total XP Earned = 2,935

+10% RP Bonus for all Players = 293

Total Experience Earned by Each PC for Game Session #1 = 3,228 exp



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