Game Session #5 on March 24, 2018.
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News & Announcements —

March 10, 2018

Game Session #4 "Winter's Kiss" was a success! With seven players on the roster, the heroes were hired by the Adventurer's Guild to rescue a group of mislead and wayward winter cult members from an icy death in the arctic north.

February 24, 2018

Game Session #3 "Forgotten Tomb of the Knights of the Verdant Eye" was a success! Home made Pork BBQ (thanks to Tyler), the party got a bit tipsy with the Oryn Sylvan elves, and delved into a night of fending off wraith knights in the dark tombs of the Sorrowood Forest.

January 28, 2018 & February 10, 2018

Game Session #1 & 2 "Dread of the Umbercult (Part 1)" and "Part 2" were a success! With eight players in attendance, a grilled-out feast, and six hours of gaming the night was a blast! An exception has been made to split the first adventure into two parts due to longer-than-expected play time while everyone adjusts to the new format.

Justin’s Foreword

Welcome! Heroes for Hire is a new campaign structure that I am trying out to accommodate for conflicting player schedules. The premise of this new format is that every game night will consist of a complete stand-alone adventure from start to finish.

These concise adventures will be independent of one another, and geared to provide between 4-6 hours of game play. Each adventure will be presented as a job assigned by an organization known as the “Guild of Adventurers” for which all of the PCs work.

Each adventure's stand-alone nature provides regular gaming for consistent players, and options for those who can't make every session . This also opens the door for new and “visiting” players to have characters who also contribute to the campaign.

In addition to finding treasure and loot on adventures, there is a meta-reward called Praemium which is awarded to each player. These points will accumulate for each adventure completed by any character of player, and can be redeemed for things such as player-attune wondrous magic items. There will be additional incentives for which Praemium will be utilized.

We will also maintain our attendance “inspiration/luck” tokens which have become a tradition in all of my ongoing campaigns.

I believe these changes in format from my typical "long-term storyline" campaigns can make game scheduling easier and more fun for everyone.

Heroes for Hire

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